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Established in 2011, Dove became the best radio station on the island of Grand Bahama. We attribute that to being guided by the Holy Spirit. We believe that as long as we acknowledge HIM, He will direct our path. Dove 103.7FM Radio station offers wholesome, Christian music to its listening audience. Our focus is the gospel of Jesus Christ, and there is no compromise. We provide our listeners with a wide variety of programming that will cater to audiences of all ages with inclusive genres of spiritual music to include, reggae, calypso, gospel, traditional, or contemporary.

As part of our core value, expansion is deeply ingrained. We are thrilled to announce that Dove’s reach now extends beyond Grand Bahama. Embracing growth and progress, we have spread our wings to the enchanting islands of Abaco and Bimini, enriching the lives of even more listeners with the message of Christ’s gospel.

With every beat and every note, Dove 103.7FM continues to weave a tapestry of faith, love, and unity across the Bahamas. Our commitment to expansion aligns harmoniously with our core values, as we strive to touch the hearts of countless souls with the message of God’s enduring grace.

As we broaden our horizons, we believe in enriching the spiritual journey of our listeners with diverse genres of uplifting music. Our expansion brings forth a treasure trove of spiritual melodies, including reggae, calypso, gospel, traditional, and contemporary tunes. No matter your taste, there’s something for everyone on Dove 103.7FM.

While we embrace expansion through terrestrial broadcasting, Dove 103.7FM also recognizes the importance of reaching listeners beyond the traditional radio waves. With our online platform, we extend the joyous melodies of gospel music to the world, ensuring that everyone, anywhere, can experience the divine inspiration our station has to offer.

Our Vision

Dove 103.7FM Radio’s vision is to uplift, inspire and engage our listeners by broadcasting quality and inspirational gospel music.

Our Mission

Dove 103.7FM Radio commitment to excellence is accomplished by maintaining our unique marketing position, broadcasting to the Northern Bahamas—Grand Bahama and soon to Abaco and Bimini. We do this by meeting the criteria set by our stakeholders and living our values and beliefs. We consider our duty to entertain and educate our listeners with original, local and inspirational content.

Our Core Values

At Dove 103.7FM Radio:

  • We believe that customer satisfaction is our priority
  • We work hard to deliver a quality product
  • We keep our listeners engaged
  • We treat every moment like a ministry moment
  • We have an experienced and talented team

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