30 Day Challenge

DoveNation join our 30 day challenge by just listening to Dove 103 Fm for 30 days!!

When you sign up for the 30 day challenge you are eligible to to win $222.

YES! We are giving away $222 each week.

All you have to do is listen to us every day and see if your mood, your day and even your life has changed.

You can start any day or any time.
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    We want you to stay encouraged all day long with positive encouraging music and inspirational stories and then tell someone else how you have been encouraged.
    Follow us on all our social media, and if you are savvy hashtag #Dove30Day #DoveNation #Dove103.7FM with a positive and encouraging word that you heard on the radio.
    Tune in all day for 30 days and let us know how it has encouraged you.  You can listen to Dove online, at your desk,  in your car and at your house.

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