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Johnette Mcintosh-Bullard was born on the 15th December 1979 in Nassau Bahamas, raised in Abaco to Bishop and Minister John & Enid Mcintosh. She received her early Education at Treasure Cay primary, Sherlin C. Bootle secondary and later went on to Bahamas Baptist College. Johnette is Married to Mr Rubuen Bullard and have three Beautiful children.

Mrs. Bullard started her career as a Sales Executive in March   2000 at the Xanadu Beach Resort where she received Top Sales Executive award for the month and later for the year. In 2001 she moved to Nassau to work at Sandy Port Beach Resort where she also received many awards for Top sales Executive and later Interval winner circle for the Top 5 Sales in the Caribbean. Mrs. Bullard made a name for herself in the Timeshare industry in Nassau. She was eventually Promoted to assistant Project Director for Blue Water Resort in 2003, also Mrs Bullard received Top Sales Manager Award for the year 2003-2005. In 2006 Mrs Bullard was transferred to Paradise Beach Resort as a Manager where is achieved the RCI outstanding manager award and was given the opportunity to attend the ARDA convention in the United States.

In 2008 Mrs. Bullard returned to Grand Bahama to work at the Island seas Resort where she continued her winning spree as a Sales Executive after maintaining a goal of 1million per year Mrs .Bullard was promoted to Inhouse Manager, Mrs Bullard was Island Seas Resort Top sales Manager and also received RCI Manager awards As an employee of Island Seas Resort Mrs. Bullard as done an extraordinary job and touch the hearts of many tourist coming to the Bahamas, Mrs Bullard always had a saying “WE ARE NOT FRIENDS WE ARE FAMILY ” in the timeshare world. God has blessed Mrs. Bullard with the gift of speaking to the people like she once again says make a joyful noise unto the Lord and always give him thanks in all His doings.

Presently, Mrs. Bullard is at Dove 103.7fm radio station where she is a Sales Executive. Mrs Bullard truly believed that the Lord has sent her to the Dove Nation to be that spokesmen in the sales area where she can encourage customers to come in and be a testimony to the nation and to advertise their Business, Mrs Bullard belief is that once God is in control the blessings will flow. Mrs Bullard enjoys working with the Dove Crew she believes that this is a step closer to the work and will that God have for her future and that many souls will be Blessed through this radio Station. Mrs Bullard grew up in a Christian home therefore, she feels that God has brought her to the Gospel world of Dove 103.7fm where she can be comfortable living her dreams as a Sales Executive and be that testimony to the Dove Nation.

Why I love Jesus: ” LOOK WHERE THE LORD HAS BROUGHT ME FROM “AND ” HE KEPT SO I WOULDN”T LET GO” , am a living testimony therefore, I only can Love the Lord with all my Heart and soul.

Hobbies: Traveling and meeting new people

Why I love what I do at Dove: Because I get to be myself without judgment.

Favorite scripture: Psalms 91 and 100

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